Let's have some fun with a JNZ
Dec 28, 2016

Since the JeeNode Zero adopts a new ┬ÁC architecture, a new layout, a new runtime library, a new programming language, and new drivers, there’s a lot of work ahead to describe all the parts and how to use them.

It will take quite a while to do this in a thorough and systematic manner, so for the time being, my approach is to select and highlight the essentials, then gradually expand on all the aspects and implications this has for putting these nodes to real use:

As this is the last post of yet another year passing, I wish you a very creative, planet-preserving, and most compassionate 2017.

This weblog will resume on February 1st.

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The upcoming JeeNode Zero
Dec 21, 2016

Lately, I’ve been keeping busy with a brand new board. It’s called the JeeNode Zero:

Shown here is the “rev3” prototype, and it’s starting to shape up nicely. Sooo… without further ado, let me tell you more about it:

This isn’t about being the first or cheapest “node” out there, in fact this isn’t about any <insert-your-favourite-superlative-here>.

The JeeNode Zero is about creating exactly the node I’ll want to use for my projects. My hope is that this week’s articles will also help explain what is guiding my preferences and choices, and where it might lead to.

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Interactive development
Dec 14, 2016

Most readers will be familiar with this view:

Now that you’ve seen how to build software and run it on the Blue Pill in the traditional way, I am going to switch gears radically:

As always, these articles are published on successive days of the week instead of all at once. Just to keep things manageable…

Next week: a shiny new board - stay tuned!

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