Keeping busy (in Forth)
Mar 22, 2017

Serial ports, radio packets, I2C devices… it adds up when you’re trying to keep many activities going at once. Luckily, there are some nice packages for Mecrisp Forth to help with this…

This week, I’m going to look into multi-tasking, timers, and how this impacts ultra low-power use in battery-powered nodes:

For now, I’ll be using this test setup:

That’s a HyTiny with a couple of LEDs (and a second one as SerPlus), but it’ll all work equally with a JeeNode Zero of course.

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No milk today...
Mar 15, 2017

Yikes. I’ve been felled by some bad stomach cramps and fever these past couple of days. Hence no articles this week - my apologies!

The blog will resume next week, stay tuned.

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Bring in the Pies!
Mar 8, 2017

For production, fast re-flashing and testing of each JeeNode Zero is going to be a must. This week’s episode will be about speeding up the uploads, but also several ways to debug and test any STM32 board:

Let’s dive in - one article per day, as usual:

The approach described here will work on any Raspberry Pi, even the very early “A” units with a 26-pin header & 256 MB RAM. A perfect way to put your old RasPi to use!

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