Various JNZ developments
Feb 15, 2017

While waiting for the next JeeNode Zero revision, I’ve started on some examples and documentation for this new fun ecosystem.

So there’s a bit of everything this week:

The assembly of this new batch of JeeNode Zeros will be done next week - component placement and reflow are all going to be done manually for now, so there’s a lot of pasting, tweezering, and testing ahead.

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The upcoming JNZ rev4
Feb 8, 2017

Now that the JeeNode Zero rev3 has been out for a few weeks, I’ve made a few more changes before it goes into production:

I’m calling it “rev4” for now, but expect it to be virtually identical for the final release.

Prototype PCBs have been ordered and should arrive here any day now. Exciting!

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Various shades of Forth
Feb 1, 2017

This week’s episode will cover a variety of aspects related to Mecrisp Forth:

As always, these posts are spread out over several days, so don’t despair if you click a link early on and see a server 404 error…

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