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In Hardware on Dec 16, 2008 at 15:51

Today, some simple “KAKU” remote switches came in. These are both by KlikOn-KlikOff – the first one is an older setup I was already using, with up to 12 different codes:


The second is a newer model with up to 256 different codes – it’s heavily discounted (€14 for 2 units plus transmitter), probably because this type is being replaced by a newer model which uses unique unit codes:


The drawback with both of these, as compared to the FS20 models by Conrad, is that you can’t control them at the plug – you have to locate the remote and press buttons on it. But then again, at these low prices per unit … you get what you pay for.

These units use 433 MHz signalling, there’s code for Arduinos which understands the KAKU protocol.