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Different 868 MHz units

In AVR on Dec 18, 2008 at 15:54

Here’s a small but fairly general-purpose setup:


At the top right is the NSLU2, a very useful little NAS box with two USB ports plus Ethernet. It has been re-flashed to run a standard Debian Etch Linux system – using a 4 Gb USB stick plugged into the upper USB slot on the back. The other three connections are: ethernet, power, and an un-powered USB hub.

Plugged into the USB hub are three RF units – from left to right:

  • the RFM12B, hooked up to an Arduino Mini Pro
  • a simple 868 MHz receiver, connected to a USB Boarduino
  • the CUL plug, with its own ATmega and CC1101 transceiver

Each of these uses the same 868 MHz RF band, but with different transmission modes and protocols.

You’re looking at a micro-power 4-CPU cluster with a total power consumption of 3.5 watt. This is now a test rig for collecting various kinds of data.

  1. Hello,

    I’m thinking about getting the CUL and was wondering how you find that device? Is it reliable and usable for temperature logging?

  2. The CUL has been reliably logging KS300 & S300 weather data as well as FS20 remote control actions for over a month now. That’s all I use it for, but yes it works fine IMO. Only small drawback is that it has to be re-inited with an X command after power up (X01? X21? I forgot) to produce output.

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