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In AVR on Dec 21, 2008 at 15:56

Microcontrollers with attached RF transceivers are starting to multiply like rabbits around here:


This is an Arduino Mini Pro with an RFM12B. The nice property of this combo is that the mini has on-board 3.3V regulation, which is the voltage required for RFM12B’s, and with a little tweaking of the FTDI connector the Arduino itself can be made to run at that same voltage. This avoids the need for level conversion.

That brings the total number of functioning RFM12B’s to four right now. Two have been in permanent use for monitoring energy & gas consumption for over a week now.

The other two, including this new unit, will allow me to further refine the software. A first advance has already been implemented: the receiver code is now interrupt-based, leaving the MCU free to handle other tasks at the same time.