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Shield progress

In AVR, Hardware on Jan 14, 2009 at 15:57

The Arduino shield stack is shaping up. Here’s the peripheral shield, with all modules installed:


This now contains the following peripherals:

  • a µSD card reader with 2 Gb card (top right)
  • an RFM12B 868 MHz transceiver (bottom right)
  • an 433 MHz AM receiver (top left, hidden)
  • an 868 MHz AM transmitter (bottom left)
  • a DCF77 time code receiver (middle, with ferrite antenna)

The header pins support a status shield on top with a small 3×12 LCD display (connected via I2C) and some leds & buttons:


The whole setup, when stacked on an Arduino Duemilanove, now becomes this:


What it does will depend on the software written for it, obviously.