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Ignoring imprecise data

In Software on Feb 9, 2009 at 12:05

For some time, I’ve had a second set of calculations running which produces much more accurate and regular data than some of what’s on these past charts:

Picture 1.png

The difference with the graphs is that only readings which come in exactly at the time the counter changes are considered here. All retransmission (i.e. readings tagged with a late time stamp) are simply ignored. Only one retransmission happens to be in this example (the one marked “6+2”), but it still produces consistent results.

It looks like the gas measurements could be improved by tagging all readings in the sensor node instead of at the receiving end of the packets. That way retransmissions would still be tagged properly, even when readings arrive a bit late.

Hmm, this requires running a clock with milli-second accuracy on the sensor board for best results… not entirely trivial over extended periods of time. The sensor board will need to be synchronized to some other clock – either an on-board DCF77 radio or some data received from another node. And I’ll need to use a crystal instead of a resonator (0.005% vs 0.5% drift).