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A few more PCB's

In AVR on Feb 18, 2009 at 00:01

More JeeNode prototype PCB’s, from Olimex (longer shipping times):

A few more PCB’s

These have a gold-plated finish. Not sure how that compares with the other tin-plated ones – I’ve had issues with (dirty?) gold-plated boards once, which didn’t pick up solder as easily. But these look pretty sharp!

Slightly different board (e.g. mounting holes & via’s) – same electrical connections.

If you hook the JeeNode up to a 3.3V source such as this FTDI breakout board by SparkFun, then all the power supply parts can be omitted and the regulator pins can be bridged:

A few more PCB’s

And here’s a BAD idea:

A few more PCB’s

I’ve used wirewrap pins to “extend” the ATmega chip through this PCB, with only the radio module mounted. A quick test shows that the radio works, but this is running the RFM12B at +5V – well beyond its maximum design specs of +3.8V! Besides, you lose the main benefit of being able to add shields – all you get is a USB connection.

The PCB-POOL board was used because the IC socket holes of the Olimex board were too narrow to easily push wire-wrap pins through.

EAGLE schematic (PDF) & board files (jee-pcb-001).