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Hooking up a BMP085 sensor

In AVR, Software on Feb 19, 2009 at 00:01

The BMP085 sensor measures barometric pressure (and temperature). I’ve hooked it up to port 2 via I2C:

Hooking up a BMP085 sensor

As SMD, it’s tiny

Hooking up a BMP085 sensor

The 4 wire-wrap wires are connected to port pins 2..5, respectively: SDA (DIO), ground, SCK (AIO), and 3.3V power.

There’s now a bit-banging I2C master driver in the Ports library which works with any of the 4 ports, plus a new driver for the BMP085. Here’s the new demo code, now included with the library:

Hooking up a BMP085 sensor

It looks like the elaborate algorithm from the BMP085 data sheet to calculate pressure in Pascals (millibar) contains an error. After some guess-work and with information from the older SMD500 sensor, I think I’ve come up with the proper computations. The results are now as expected:

Hooking up a BMP085 sensor

This is a very sensitive MEMS sensor. It’s accurate enough in its lowest resolution mode to calculate altitude to 50 cm accuracy given the exact pressure at sea level – just moving the sensor up and down shows a matching variation! Higher-resolution modes have been not been implemented.

Update – There’s a problem with the calculations: with temperatures 25.0 °C and up, the pressure calculations fail and a result of 2.35 mBar is reported. Will need to look into this.

Update 2 – Thanks to a private email suggestion, I’ve finally been able to resolve the > 25 °C bug. The current source code no longer has the problem and shows consistent values also at higher temperatures.

  1. I wonder if I could get the source code for those sensor(BMP085).

    I do know this is kind of rude(asking your source code)

    But I’m a student who just begins to study.

    I promise I never use your code as commercial purpose!

  2. Where did you source these sensors? I’ve been trying to find them since coming across this great site. Thanks…

  3. Thanks for that Jean-Claude.

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