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Adding a µSD card

In AVR on Feb 28, 2009 at 00:01

Secure Digital cards are particularly simple to connect to, because they can be made to run in SPI mode – even the tiny µSD version. The SPI/ISP 2×4-pin header on a JeeNode has all the power lines and signals to do so:

Adding a µSD card

That’s a 2 gigabyte memory card, the size of a fingernail…

Enough storage capacity to “sniff” lots and lots of wireless packets from the airwaves. Just what I need to collect house measurement data of all kinds in a fully unattended manner, in fact.

In this case the hardware is actually the easy part. It takes much more work to read and write 512-byte blocks and to create a simple way to organize and access the stored data. I don’t really need a file system, just a robust way to log data and to play back selected parts of the stored data to another computer later.

Right now, all this does is identify the card and read and write 100 blocks:

Adding a µSD card

Looks like reading a block takes about 3.5 msec, writing one takes 41 msec. This is not a show-stopper, but with the µSD sharing the same SPI bus as the RFM12B, care will have to be taken to avoid dropping too many packets.