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JeeNode v2 PCB

In AVR, Hardware on Mar 5, 2009 at 00:01

Ok, here’s a new design for the JeeNode board:

JeeNode v2 PCB

Major changes were the swapping of pins 1 + 6 on each port and flipping around the FTDI connector so plugin adapters no longer end up being upside-down (doh!).

Plus lots of relatively minor changes, such as tiny connector pin markings in the top copper layer, moving ports 1 + 4 an extra 0.1″ towards the radio, making all power traces thicker, and making the board slightly narrower. I didn’t want to dive into silkscreens yet, though in hindsight even the default one would have been workable.

Some cosmetic changes too: added a descriptive “JeeNode v2” text on the bottom layer and a ground plane fill.

Anyway, I recently ordered a couple of these new ones… we’ll see!

EAGLE schematic (PDF) & board files (jee-pcb-003).

Update – the new PCBs are in, I’ve added some preliminary documentation here (PDF).

  1. Hi JC, I finally got all the parts and the time to build the JeeNode Version 1. Works like a charm :-) Maybe a few small things to take into consideration for version 3. The power regulator in TO-92 package is very hard to get. I could only find them at digikey. Since I had nothing else to order I ended up using a MC33269T-33. Does not fit nicely but works. A small onboard led for testing would be nice. Also 5 Volt would be nice to have onboard. I am using the parallax rfid reader and have to power it separately. These are all small things, the JeeNode is great. Lots of power in a small package. Keep it up like this.

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