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JeeHub mock-up

In Hardware on Mar 7, 2009 at 00:01

Meet the JeeHub, a self-contained server and gateway between networked JeeNodes and an Ethernet network:

JeeHub prototype

On the right is a Propox MMnet1001 module with an AT91 ARM processor, 64 Mb RAM, and 1 Gb flash, running Linux. On the left is a JeeNode, to be used as receiver and central node in the 868 MHz wireless connection with all other JeeNodes. It hasn’t been hooked up yet – this was just a mock-up to make a pretty picture.

The software on the JeeHub is portable, the same code also runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux x86. The benefit of a JeeHub is that you don’t have to leave a PC on to collect / process / present all measurement data, or to control devices around the house. The JeeHub draws less than 1 watt of power and can be left on to provide all these functions around the clock. It has a built-in web server and database, and can connect to other systems on the local network as well as the internet to perform both interactive and unattended tasks.

The basic JeeHub hardware and software is working here now, with automatic self-updates for completely maintenance-free use, but things are still changing far too quickly to document them and turn this loose.

So yeah, this post is a bit of a teaser for now…