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Don't mess with the boot flash

In Software on Mar 9, 2009 at 00:01

Ok, so I tried to get the on-board 4 Mb dataflash of the MMnet1001 working, just out of curiosity…

That was a bad idea. Nothing went wrong for a while, but then I rebooted:

Picture 2.png

And then nothing. Whoops, I messed with the boot partition instead of the dataflash chip! Thankfully, tech support at Propox helped me out quickly. It’s actually quite easy to re-flash the MMnet1001: connect a USB cable to the USB device (not host) port pins, and then simply jump through a few basic software hoops. Neat – well done.

Ah, that looks better:

Picture 1.png

And so on.

So the 4 Mb dataflash remains a mystery for now. No problem, the 1 Gb NAND flash is the main deal, and it works just fine. I’ve added about 7 Mb of my own so far, but that still leaves plenty of free space:

Picture 4.png

The hardware clock works fine, but it needs to be set once before reading it out to get rid of an error message. IOW, set the time zone in “/etc/config/system” (I used “CET-1”), then set the proper date and time with “date”, then finish with “busybox hwclock -w -u”. Note that the “/sbin/hwclock” version doesn’t work for setting the clock (it seems to be ok for readout).

On the software side, I now have a Tclkit build cross-compiled via the OpenWrt SDK and working on the MMnet1001, so the rest of the work can be done on my development system and then copied to this amazing little Linux, eh… box? plug? chip?

Anyway, all is well.

Thank you, Andrzey, for helping out an AT91 newbie ;)