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Decoding 433 MHz KAKU signals

In AVR, Software on Mar 10, 2009 at 00:01

Here is a simple OOK receiver, hooked up to AIO port 3:

Decoding 433 MHz KAKU signals

The following interrupt-driven code will pick up signals from a “KlikAanKlikUit” remote control:

Picture 1.png

It should be relatively easy to adapt this to other units. Signals in different protocols can be decoded at the same time, since all decoding state is maintained in a separate state machine.

Sample output:

Picture 2.png

The KAKU units use a very crude signalling protocol, with no error checking other than sending a distinct bit pattern for 0’s and 1’s. The sample output has errors, in fact: the B7 after the B6 should have been a B6. It is probably best to only accept commands when they come in more than once in quick succession.

There can be quite a bit of noise from the receiver, in the form of random pulses. These will be ignored, but it may use up some CPU power to service all the corresponding interrupts.