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JeeHub prototype

In AVR, Software on Mar 12, 2009 at 00:01

Voilá – the first JeeHub prototype exists!

JeeHub prototype

(click on the image to see the annotated version)

It’s a pretty simple setup so far, as can be seen on the backside:


All the pieces work, at least in isolation. But the Linux board and the JeeNode haven’t been connected together yet (I need to figure out which serial port to use on the MMnet1001) and there is some strange interaction between the different interrupt-driven pieces on the JeeNode. Looks like both hardware and software troubles at this stage.

Here’s some output:

Picture 1.png

So it’s picking up RFM12B packets, reading external power and battery voltage levels, reading out temperature and barometric pressure, and decoding both the KlikAanKlikUit remote controls and the DCF77 clock signal. But there’s some stuff here which is definitely not kosher – could be interrupt handling issues.

Update – looks like gcc 4.3.0 has trouble with interrupt code. When I changed to 4.3.2, everything started working as expected.

There are also a few hardware glitches in this early prototype, such as the switching regulator interfering with the DCF77 receiver (will change to a linear one) and the 433 MHz radio interfering with the RFM12B (could add some decoupling or shielding).

This first version of the code has been added to the subversion repository.