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JeeHub software

In AVR, Software on Mar 13, 2009 at 00:01

Well, I’m quite pleased with how the software on the AVR side of the JeeHub is working out. When you look at the collapsed version of the current 270 lines of C++ code, you get this:

Picture 1.png

You can see the full source code here.

Everything becomes a DataSource, i.e. an object which is polled periodically and which can then submit readings for further storage or processing. It’s trivial to add more data sources without affecting any existing code.

On startup each data source is created and registers itself automatically. For example, the “power” object is set up to get polled/measured every 10 seconds. When polled, it takes a few ADC voltage readings, puts these into a struct, and hands it to the DataSource::newReading() method.

Currently, newReading() does nothing more than turn around and call the show() method of that same data source, which then sends a plain text version of the data out over the serial line. For unattended operation, readings will need to be saved in dataflash memory for retrieval at some later moment.

The above code compiles to 8104 bytes on an ATmega168 so far. Lots of room remaining!