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Package from China

In Hardware on Mar 15, 2009 at 00:01

The other day (three weeks ago, actually) I ordered a wide range of connectors in 10x sample quantities from 4Uconnector. Then this came in:

Package from China

A little envelope full of low-cost goodies, such as this 4-way RJ11 jack:

Sample RJ11 connectors

Look how neatly it’s packaged. All the other parts were placed in little zip-lock bags and accurately labeled. How convenient, 100% ready to use and store.

The RJ11 jacks are an idea I’d like to try out to easily hook up sensors and other peripherals. Simply cut a standard 2-/4-/6-wire telephone cable in half and you’re all set to hook up two devices!

The only snag here is that the minimum order quantity is often 100’s or even 1000 units. So it’ll be crucial to choose wisely and stick with it…