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One hundred!

In News on Mar 21, 2009 at 00:01

This blog has reached its one hundredth post – whee!

If you follow this weblog regularly, you may have noticed that there is now one post per day, day-in-day-out and always at 0:01 CET. This is not because my working days and hours are so regular – far from it – or necessarily always late, but because this self-imposed daily schedule helps me stay focused.

It’s all supported by a bit of automation in WordPress – I simply try to keep a handful of posts scheduled “in the pipeline”, so that these writings aren’t driven by some sort of daily deadline panic. On some days I have nothing to say – and I don’t – while on others I’m pleased to find that I can touch on a couple of topics, some of which are hopefully of interest to you, dear reader.

Speaking of whom… it’s always nice to hear from you. I’d love to read about what interests you in this “Computing Stuff Tied to the Physical World” as the title of this weblog says, as well as your suggestions on how to further improve this weblog.

So much for the intermezzo on this first day of spring (for the northern hemisphere that is). Tomorrow’s post will resume with a photo, graphic, or sketch – as always.

Enjoy your reading!

PS. FYI, I recently added a bit more background info about me on the About page.

  1. Hey JC,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now, very nice to see how you’re progressing. very nice setup you’re building. I’m thinking about doing something similar, and might even end up building the energy and gas monitoring setup you’ve described here :)

    Thanks for all the info

    • Thanks – glad you like this. I’ve started setting up sensor nodes around the house – still hand-wired, haven’t figured out a good physical design for it yet. The energy/gas sensor stuff has been working reliably for some time now, I can definitely recommend it.


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