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The JeeNode v2 works

In AVR, Hardware on Mar 23, 2009 at 00:01

The PCB’s arrived and again it looks like everything is working as intended. Here is the bare board:

JeeNode v2

Changes are really minor. But at least now this thing has a name on it, and all connectors have (tiny) texts next to them so it’s easier to remember what goes where and in which orientation.

Even with just two versions in existence so far, I’m already starting to get confused about pinouts, header orientation, etc. so I’ve started documenting this latest JeeNode board here (PDF).

The next steps will be to decide on a useful sensor setup, to decide on how to best power these units, and to distribute lots of them all over the house as part of my own DIY “Home WSN“. This is going to be fun!

(I’ve got a few extra boards and parts this time – let me know if you’re interested in tinkering with this stuff)

  1. Do you happen to know the power usage of these boards? I’m planning on building a WSN also, and these boards look very nice :)

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