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Reading out an ePIR motion sensor

In AVR, Hardware on Mar 29, 2009 at 00:01

Here is an “ePIR” sensor (google it), connected to port 1 of a JeeNode (along with an LDR light sensor):

ePIR with LDR

A simple Arduino sketch to read it once per second:

Picture 1.png

Sample output:

Picture 2.png

Where “Y” means motion detected and the number after it is the current light level. As you can see, I first shielded the light from the LDR and then waved in front of the passive-infrared sensor. Note that the LDR is connected to the ePIR, not the JeeNode.

The ePIR has a 9600 baud serial interface, connected via Mikal Hart’s excellent NewSoftSerial library.