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This is getting out of hand

In AVR, Software on Apr 1, 2009 at 00:01

I’ve installed a preliminary JeeNode pulse upstairs, with a few 1-wire temperature sensors to track hot-water and central heating a bit. Here’s the real-time read-out, coming from the JeeHub:

Picture 4.png

These readings are coming from the following sources, mostly via wireless:

  • Electricity / gas meter, from a prototype JeeNode.
  • Weather data from 1 KS300 + 2 S300 commercial sensors.
  • Barometer and battery check, inside the JeeHub.
  • Room data and central heating temperatures, from a JeeNode Pulse
  • Some test values, from a second JeeNode Pulse on my desk.

But this display clearly won’t scale visually. Besides, it’s just a big pile of numbers. I really need to figure out a way to present this information nicely!

It’s fun to watch, seeing values update in real time…

  1. tklib Plotchart ? Gallery:

  2. web server … (tclgd) … I should ask Arjen about making it a backend for the chart code.

  3. Interesting.

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