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JeeMon sneak preview

In Software on Apr 5, 2009 at 00:01

I’ve started work on a basic website design for JeeMon:


Here’s the gas consumption page:


The same JeeMon code is currently running on the “production” (ahem) JeeHub and on my development Mac.

These are real live webpages, with real (but not yet 100% correct) datasets. Still, this is just a tiny tip of a massive iceberg. Lots and lots of things left to do.

Well, at least it’s a pretty iceberg IMO ;)

  1. Very pretty, I like the design. My I ask what framework you are using for the graphs? thnks

  2. Nice clean design JC! I am following a different path myself (Google charts) but this looks very good! Not to many contract jobs currently I presume ;-)

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