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JeeNode Pulse deployment

In Hardware on Apr 11, 2009 at 00:01

This is my plan for sensors in each room in the house:


This setup uses a power supply, which is a bit inconvenient. But the ePIR motion sensor draws too much power to run long enough off a battery. And I haven’t yet figured out low-power use of the RFM12B anyway. With everything permanently on, total power consumption should be under 40 mA.

Am still looking for a nice power supply to use, Pollin has several, some as cheap as € 2. Given that the JeeNode has an on-board regulator, any 4..8 V DC supply will do.

The sensors listed above require 2 ports, so there is room for expansion – depending on room requirements:

  • more temp sensors, strung together via 1-wire
  • door and window contact sensors, water level, etc

The JeeNode is placed up against the ceiling to give the motion sensor an optimal view of the room. For really accurate temperature and humidity measurements, it might be preferable to move the SHT11 sensor down a bit – or alternately, to put the JeeNode near the power supply and run a 4-wire cable to the ePIR + light sensors.

Decisions, decisions …