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Decoding multiple OOK signals

In AVR, Software on Apr 12, 2009 at 00:01

It is possible to decode multiple signals with a single 868 MHz OOK bit-by-bit receiver, like this JeeNode setup:

868 MHz reception

Here’s the output from a sample run, receiving data from an FS20 remote, a KS300 weather station, and two S300 weather sensors:

Picture 1.png

The trick is to maintain independent state for all the signal patterns. The pulses need not have the same lengths, as long as each recognizer only picks up what it wants and stops decoding when anything unexpected comes in.

Here is an interrupt-driven implementation, using the analog comparator to pick up bit transitions and timer 2 to measure pulse widths:

Picture 2.png

If no transition is seen within 1024 ┬Ásec, timer 2 overflows and resets all recognizers to their UNKNOWN state.

A sketch for the Arduino IDE can be found here.