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Home control with FS20

In Hardware on Apr 20, 2009 at 00:01

There are many different types of FS20 units (by Conrad / ELV). Two new types of units came in recently. Here’s a power monitor which transmits power consumption via 868 MHz OOK in 5-minute intervals:

FS20 home control

It’s recognized by the CUL receiver, showing readings such as these:


Hmm, looks like a cumulative power consumption counter… I plugged in a lamp before that last reading. Maybe there’s both cumulative and real-time power use in there. I’m sure the protocol has been analyzed… and indeed, here it is.

One drawback is that the addressing scheme is limited to at most four ES-1 sensors.

And here’s a little touch-sensitive control panel which can send up to 6 different commands and is made for mounting into the wall:

FS20 home control

The panel can differentiate between short (on/off) taps and long (dimmer) taps, so one panel can actually emit up to 12 different signals. Again, this shows up in CUL:


At € 36 and € 28, respectively, these units are not really affordable enough to sprinkle lots of them all over the house. Then again, maybe a few strategically placed power meters plus the total electricity meter pulses would be enough to figure out most power consumption patterns in the house…

The advantage of these of course is that they are plug-and-play. It ought to be easy to extend the current FS20 receiver code for the RFM12B so they recognize these extra bit patterns.