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Added data feed

In Software on Apr 27, 2009 at 00:01

The website has been promoting domotics “by example” for a long time now. Pieter Knuvers, the guy behind it all, added a new service to submit and display data from other fellow energy geeks like me…

The bwired upload service was announced (in Dutch) on Pieter’s weblog.

So I added the bwired.tcl Tcl code to JeeMon to generate the XML input he wants:

Picture 2.png

It’s trivial but way too messy stuff, mainly because I don’t have the proper abstractions in place yet to easily generate all sorts of aggregated data. In this case hourly averages and daily totals.

Results can be viewed here, name “jcw”.

Oh well, good exercise. Pretty much the same logic as for the Pachube feed.