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Yet another PIR

In AVR, Software on May 1, 2009 at 00:01

Found yet another passive infrared module for around €10, by ELV:


Hooked up to port 1 of a JeeNode, and shown here with the USB “BUB” interface by Modern Device. Note that this uses a JeeNode with 6-pin port connectors, since the PIR module requires at least 5V. The output is open-collector, and therefore compatible with the 3.3V levels expected by the JeeNode (using the internal pull-up resistor).

Sample output, from a slightly adjusted version of the “pir_demo” example sketch which is in the Ports library:

Picture 1.png

Range and sensitivity seem to be ok. The signal is more jittery that with the ePIR and Parallax modules, it will have to be de-bounced it a bit in real-world use.