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Soldering station? Nyet!

In Hardware on May 2, 2009 at 00:01

Got myself a new soldering station a few weeks ago:

soldering station

The intention was to replace my old (but analog temperature-controlled) 15W weller, which is a bit weak. This unit is 45W and shows when the iron is ready.

Unfortunately, it broke down after a just a few times… I suspect that the heating coil is blown: the temperature stays at 25°C no matter what. Bummer.

Oh well, that should teach me to know buy dirt cheap bargains – this thing was just €29 – and now I’m stuck with a heavy piece junk plastic. I’m not tempted to replace the iron, it’d probably break again quickly. Maybe I can at least salvage the 24V @ 2A transformer in there. Two of those would make a nice isolation transformer, nice to have for experimenting with 220V AC power control and sensing.