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In AVR, Hardware on May 8, 2009 at 00:01

The “Teensy” by PJRC is a tiny AVR processor with embedded USB device port:


It’s similar but not quite identical to an ATmega168 Arduino (no analog inputs, no I2C, and some other diffs). But the basics are the same, and you can even adapt the Arduino IDE to feed it sketches.

Now there’s a “Teensy++” with 64 Kb flash, 4 Kb RAM / EEPROM, and analog inputs and I2C:


Plenty of oomph for much larger applications!

It’s still not quite what I’m after though, since these operate at 5V (although the Teensy++ can be made to run at 3.3V that only works when not tied to a USB port). I’ve all but abandoned 5V logic, because the RFM12B wireless modules require < 3.8V to operate and because battery power is simpler when in the 3 .. 4.5 V range.

Still, these look like nice little boards, and at a good price.