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New RF12 data packet I/O

In AVR, Software on May 10, 2009 at 00:01

Following up on yesterday’s new serial I/O layer, implemented on top of the RF12 driver, here’s another demo using the “<<” and “>>” operators to send data across. First the sample code:

Picture 5.png

Then the sample output:

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

(these are slightly older screenshots, not yet using “rf12_config()”)

The output is a bit mixed up because the nodes were not reset at the same time, but you can see the data coming in on both nodes. These are independent bi-directional transmissions, even though in this case similar data is being sent since the same demo is running on both nodes.

As with the “rf12serial” demo, there are still some serious limitations with this – I still need to debug and add more flow-/congestion-control logic in this new implementation (the code is in “RF12sio.cpp” inside the RF12 library).

Much of this sort of logic relies on timers: the “RF12sio.h” header defines a simple millisecond timer which is also available for general use.