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Something happened …

In AVR, Hardware on May 11, 2009 at 00:01

The electricity / gas metering monitor – which has been running for months – stopped working:

Picture 1.png

It just flat-lined, dead, nada. Power cycling everything and re-flashing the meter node did not fix it. I don’t see any packets from the meter node on the air when listening via an independent JeeNode.

The only packets right now are from a JeeNode pulse upstairs, which keeps resending – indicating that the central JeeHub isn’t replying with an ack. Weird.

I’ve adjusted all nodes to explicitly use netgroup 0x50, since there have been changes to the RF12 default netgroup and CRC calculation. Just to rule out a potential issue.

Still no go. I’m flabbergasted.

Update – uh, oh… the JeeHub 3.3V regulator is way too hot. It’s shutting down from time to time. Not good!

Time to switch to plan B – a JeeNode used as packet receiver connected to my “Bubba II” NAS. It’s been running all the time to collect weather data from the KS300 anyway. Still no electricity / gas metering data coming in, but at least all the remaining JeeNode and KS300/FS20 data gets logged again.

Update 2 – first there was one problem (JeeHub failing), then I created another one by re-flashing the metering JeeNode with the wrong node ID – doh! Anyway, metering data is coming in again now. Still don’t know why / how the JeeHub broke, but it was up for a hardware revision anyway…