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Bubba JeeMon back up

In Hardware, Software on May 12, 2009 at 00:01

The title of this post can be interpreted in two ways, both accurate: 1) the Bubba Two NAS from Excito was my back-up server for the MMnet1001 module, and 2) that Bubba box is now my main JeeMon server and back in the air with all the electricity / gas / weather monitoring working again, as well as the Pachube and Bwired feeds.

I will probably stick to the Bubba from now on. It’s running Debian Etch Linux, and there’s a JeeMon runtime for it so the switch-over was trivial.


This NAS box consumes about 4 watt, which is less than the specs because it has been modded to use a 2.5″ SATA disk instead of the standard 3.5″ ones they normally ship. It’s also a 300+ Gb file server which has been running various periodic tasks for almost a year now. There’s in fact much more disk storage in the form of 3 additional USB disks, but these are normally powered down (via a KAKU switch).