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Parallel WSN choices

In Hardware on May 20, 2009 at 00:01

Just came across the eKo range of commercial products by Crossbow. Interesting how the eKo and Jee-Node/-Hub/-Mon designs almost exactly overlap – well, seen from a large distance anyway.

Their “JeeNode”:

Picture 2.png

Their “JeeHub”:

Picture 3.png

Their Linux server hardware and software:

Picture 4.png

Of course the eKo products are a million times more mature and advanced than the Jee-stuff which isn’t even a product, but still…

  1. Looks like the eKo Linux (“Gateway”) server is a Linksys NSLU2. Photos of it in their user manual even have the Cisco logo visible.

  2. Yep – got one myself, re-flashed with Debian Etch. It’s one of the platforms I have JeeMon running on (i.e. a tclkit starpack).

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