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New RF12 sleep support

In AVR, Software on May 23, 2009 at 00:01

The RF12 driver has been extended to support power down as well as wake-up.

This example uses the RFM12B wake-up timer to generate an interrupt in about 1 second, then powers down, then leaves the radio off once power is back up:

Picture 3.png

That last call is important, because otherwise if the system happens to power up due to some other trigger, then the wake-up interrupt may happen later and cause problems. This way, regardless of why the system came back up, we make sure that the RFM12B wake-up interrupt stays off. The radio is still off at this point.

The argument to rf12_sleep() is a time value, in units of 32 ms. The maximum value is 127, i.e. 4 about seconds between wake-ups. If you need longer sleep times, change the logic to go back to sleep right away until the proper amount of time has elapsed.

To turn the radio back on, use “rf12_sleep(-1)” to start listening to packets again after the next rf12_recvDone() poll. Since the RFM12B consumes a fair amount of power, it’s best to wait with this right until you’re ready to send out a packet.

Here is the new code, which is now included in the updated RF12 driver:

Picture 1.png

The RF12 driver software is available over here or asĀ ZIP, this is an Arduino-compatible library.