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Meet the JeeBot

In AVR, Hardware on May 27, 2009 at 00:01

Here’s a fun new project, the JeeBot:

Meet the JeeBot

A little platform with two continuous-rotation servos, a JeeNode, and a (4x AA) battery pack. It’s all mounted and fixed together with what I had lying around: strong epoxy-based perf-board and lots of fasteners.

The electronics isn’t “quite finished” as you can see:

Meet the JeeBot

The JeeNode can be removed. There’s a small slide switch on the side to turn on power.

First task would be to get this thing rolling and steering – adding a small coaster of some sort on the right side under the batteries, to keep this thing off the floor.

The more ambitious plan is to make this thing stand upright and self-balance… who knows, one day, maybe it’ll be able to walk roll on two feet wheels?