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More AVR size comparisons

In AVR, Hardware on May 29, 2009 at 00:01

Here’s another comparison of little AVR-based boards:

More AVR size comparisons

From left to right:

  • JeeNode – ATmega168/328, FTDI, wireless
  • Boarduino – ATmega168/328, USB
  • Stickduino – ATmega168, USB stick
  • Teensy++ – AT90USB646, on-chip USB
  • Teensy – AT90USB162, on-chip USB
  • Baby Orangutan – ATmega328, motor drivers

Unfortunately, I forgot to show the RBBB (Real Bare Bones Board), and the new Strobit unit (also shown here) – they both deserve a place in this line-up.

These little boards are not entirely equivalent, but all of them are great for AVR-based fun DIY projects.

  1. I’m using an Iduino with your RF12 library. Works fine. Size is about the same as the Boarduino.

    How to obtain the JeeNode PCB?

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