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Yet more AVR size comparisons

In AVR, Hardware on May 30, 2009 at 00:01

Ok, let’s finish off what I started yesterday – here are yet more tiny AVR boards:

Another AVR board line-up

From left to right:

  • JeeNode v2 – ATmega168/328, FTDI, wireless
  • Strobit – ATmega168V, FTDI, wireless
  • RBBB – ATmega168/328, FTDI, 5V power
  • iDuino – ATmega168/328, USB
  • Dorkboard – ATmega168/328, 5-pin FTDI’ish
  • Arduino Nano – ATmega168 , USB
  • Arduino Pro Mini – AtMega168, FTDI
  • Arduino Mini – Atmega168, 5-pin FTDI’ish

Here is the previous line-up again for comparison:

More AVR size comparisons

See yesterday’s page for a description of what is what.

If you look closely, you’ll see that yesterday I used a JeeNode v1 board.

Update – same photos, higher resolution: first, second.