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JeeBot Duo schematic

In AVR, Hardware on Jun 8, 2009 at 00:01

Heh – my most “sophisticated” robot so far. Here’s the plan for the electrical hookup of the JeeBot Duo:

Picture 1.png

There’s quite a bit of functionality in there, all the way to an on-board LiPo battery charger. Other things to note: the Baby Orangutan controller (BOC) can shutdown all power (to avoid running down the battery too far) and the JeeNode can reset the BOC if need be.

The two processors communicate with each other via an I2C bus. The on-board FTDI header connects to the BOC serial port and supplies power to the LiPo charger. The FTDI header on the JeeNode can be used for monitoring, control, and uploading, as usual.