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Building the JeeNode

In AVR, Hardware on Jun 9, 2009 at 00:01

Now that a few people have started building JeeNodes for themselves, here’s a close-up:

MCP1702 detail

Make sure you put that MCP1702 voltage regulator in exactly as shown. That’s the TO-92 package in the middle.

The board was intially designed for an LP2950, which has a different pinout. The MCP1702 does not have ground in the middle, hence the twisted positioning.

Note also how I use flat 6-pin headers, even for the FTDI connector. All the header pads are large enough to solder them on in any orientation you like.

FWIW, I’ve still got 9 JeeNode boards left (and probably all the parts needed as well). So if you want ’em let me know. I can send bare PCBs for €5 each. Or the PCB with all parts including 868 MHz radio and pre-flashed ATmega168 for €17.50. Shipping included if you order more than one.

  1. I’am interested in 3x PCB+parts and 2x bare PCBs. Please contact me by email for details on payment.

  2. Hi, it’s already working :) To connect it i have to connect the VDI to 5v. I already test the examples and it’s ok :) Thanks for your library.

    Can you tell me the best comands to send an string from one arduino to another?

    I test something like:

    char message[6] = “hello”;

    for (int i=0;i<message.sizeof();i++){ RF12.send(message[i]); }

    But in the other arduino i don't receive all the message. Can you tell me if i have to use an delay or something function that tell's me where the RFM12 is ready to send another char?

  3. Aha, glad to hear that you solved it!

    Oh, wait… you’re trying to use the new “RF12sio” wrapper code – that isn’t quite finished, I’m still working on it.

    For sending up to 66 bytes at once, use “rf12_canSend” and “rf12_sendStart” for now.

  4. Something like this:

    include “RF12.h”


    char myStr[6] = “hello, how are you? bla bla bla”;

    void setup() { }

    void loop() { if (rf12_canSend()) { for (i = 0; i < sizeof(myStr) – 1; i++){ rf12_sendStart(myStr[i]); } } }

  5. It’s a question my last post :p

  6. I’ll test it later, i have to do something like this:

    char myStr1[6] = “blablabblablalablablalba lba bla bla blabla”; //66 char

    char myStr2[6] = “pipiripiri piiriri piipipi priirpiri pirirpirii”; //66 char

    void loop(){ if (rf12_canSend()){ rf12_sendStart(0, myStr1, sizeof myStr1); } delay(100); if (rf12_canSend()){ rf12_sendStart(0, myStr2, sizeof myStr2); } }

    where i have to use the rf12_recvDone? It’s just in the arduino that will receive these strings or here too?

  7. Hei JCW, sorry i was several days away and could not read your website. You have vorgotten me, i emailed you iam also intrestedas in several boards. do you have some left ? kind regards Thomas

  8. Hello Thomas, my apologies – I’ve sent you an email.

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