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Ancient technology

In Hardware on Jun 12, 2009 at 00:01

This is fun. For one of my numerous projects, I wanted to resurrect a 15 year old LaserPrinter which has been gathering dust for a while:

Ancient technology

A “state of the art” 600 DPI PostScript laser printer for the Mac. With a whopping 6 MB RAM and LocalTalk / RS-232 / Parallel interfaces. Those were the days.

Plugging it in and running a self-test from the menu was all it took:

Ancient technology

As you can perhaps guess from the Dutch report in the bottom left, it has printed a mere 8050 pages in its lifetime so far.

Yeah. Back then, they knew how to make things. You just turn it on and it works. That toner cartridge must be at least 10-years old, btw!

Got some ideas about hooking up a JeeNode to this thing, probably via the serial port. The printer draws a lot of power and does not really have a standby mode, so the RFM12B could be used to control a remote KAKU power switch, for example. We’ll see…