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New JeeNode v3 design

In AVR, Hardware on Jun 14, 2009 at 00:01

Here’s an – improved! – board design for the JeeNode:

Picture 1.png

The main two changes are: labeling of all the components and pins, and a change in the ISP/SPI pin header (pin 1 is now also pin 1 for ISP). All connectors are in exactly the same place, but the board is a tiny fraction wider.

For details, see the EAGLE files (jee-pcb-011.sch and jee-pcb-011.brd). The PDF of the schematic shows that the functionality is unchanged – other than the ISP/SPI header pinout change, this board should be 100% compatible with the JeeNode v2.

The v3 board was designed in collaboration with Paul Badger of Modern Device, to whom I’m most grateful.

I’ve just ordered a batch of these boards. Should be able to report here in ten days or so as to whether they are working properly. Let’s hope so!