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New name and new domain name

In News on Jun 23, 2009 at 00:01

I’ve decided to switch to a real top-level internet domain name for this weblog, and am moving this entire site over to its new location:

Did you notice the extra “s”? Did ya? Did ya?

Actually, the weblog home is at to be pedantically precise – but you can pick whichever URL you prefer, since you’ll automatically be redirected to the right place. Both names have been permanently tied together – inasmuch as permanent means anything on internet, that is.

The “” URL (no “s”, see?) will continue to work as a redirect to the new location, at least for a while so everyone can gradually adjust all bookmarks.

This change will be instant because it’s entirely virtual. This is merely a naming issue.

I’ve also adjusted the name of this blog. The “Jee Labs” plural form feels right for various reasons. Several people were in fact referring to this weblog in that way already.