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Vacation time

In News on Jul 2, 2009 at 00:01

For your information: I’ll be off-line from July 15th through August 15th. It’s that time of year for me to let go and re-charge again, far away from gadgets, internets, and computer screens. Because everything has its place, including the real world.

The intention is to have the new JeeNode v3 kits and boards available before then, but it really depends on whether the latest design works properly. I hope to find out in roughly a week.

The shop will stay on-line, but please be aware that if you order anything there will be no packages sent out during that period. Right now, the shop is still in basic start-up mode. No more, no less. With a bit of luck, I can still send out some new kits before my leave.

Ok, back to some fun stuff. Here’s a mystery JeeNode


See if you can guess what the different pieces are and what all this is for. Two hints: the chip on the right is transparent (it hasn’t been hooked up yet), and there’s a solar cell still waiting to be connected to the top and bottom leftmost two JeePlug pins.

The mystery will be solved in tomorrow’s post.

  1. o Solar cell connected to (and thus charging) battery and powering the JeeNode. o Photoresistor connected to analog in -> you probably want to turn this on primarily at night. o Transparent chip -> photodiode? o All in a watertight box -> outdoors deployment o No other sensors

    My guess is you want to log occurrences of lightning, maybe combined with a dusk/dawn logger.

  2. Close!

  3. The transparent thing is a light intensity to frequency converter.

    So you have two light sensitive thingys? Makes me wanna say theremin but where’s audio going to?

    I’m not thinking lightning, more along the lines of night/dark detector but who needs that? Someone going on vacation, maybe? Alarm-thingy? I don’t know if you had time to order at SparkFun why not order a PID sensor… (OK it is more expensive, and you might have just sampled one of those nice sensors…nonetheless…)

    So, if it’s not: Burglar-Alarm thingy Theremin Lightning detector Night detector

    What is it? Tell us, what else do you need the intensity of the light in a spectrum so closely matched to that of human retinas? I’m curiously awaiting other responses…

  4. Nice, light intensity to frequency converter :)

    Given that you live in the Netherlands, and the weather conditions which comes with that, maybe you’re trying to keep track of sunny days vs. overclouded days? Maybe a: “Hey guys, it’s sunny outside, let’s go to the beach” connected to an alarm clock ?

  5. btw., re. your vacation: I guess this means you’re not going to HAR ( ?

  6. Think 2500 hackers of all kinds camping on a field, bringing everything from laptops and soldering irons to tesla coils.

    There’s a whole bunch of us going from Vienna. We’re renting a truck and probably a bus bringing a crapload of stuff and will build ourselves a village there.

    It will be awesome!

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