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New home sensor setup

In Hardware on Aug 19, 2009 at 00:01

Here’s my new prototype for sensor nodes in the house:


It has an SHT11 temperature/hunidity sensor, an LDR, and a PIR motion sensor. Prototyped using a JeePlug, of course. Ports 2 and 3 are still unused. Note that this little board can also be plugged into ports 2/3 or even turned around – all configurations will work (by adjusting the port numbers accordingly).

Here’s a silly mounting option, which will have to do for now:


This setup is attached inside a bookshelf under the top panel, roughly pointed so the motion sensor covers the room. Not shown is the power connection from a 5..12V wall-wart (I’ll look into battery mode at a later date).

Totally crude, but it works and lets me easily detach the unit between tests.

Here’s another prototype based on old “plugs” I had lying around and a JeeNode v2:


The source code for this is called “rooms” and replaces the older “pulse” sketch. It’s available here. It handles both configurations, i.e. the ELV PIR and the ZDOT SBC.

This setup will be used instead of the earlier “pulse” design described in these posts. If there is interest, I can design a little board for it handling either PIR module.

  1. Extremely interesting sensor node. Just a hint/wish… once this has matured, please provide it as a kit! I can think of planting tens of these in around the house.

    Any estimates on the price of the parts?

  2. Indeed, I intend to sprinkle lots of these around the house as well. The cost would be € 55..60 per node – most of this is due to the cost of the SHT11 and PIR sensors. To put this into perspective: that’s about what an Arduino + XBee costs, no sensors, no board.

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