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JeeLink issues solved

In AVR, Hardware on Aug 23, 2009 at 00:01

It turns out that there were two problems with the new JeeLink boards, one major and one minor.

The reason why my assembled JeeLinks wouldn’t show up as USB devices is that the FTDI chip’s TEST pin was left floating instead of being tied to ground. It’s trivial to fix: a small dab of solder between pins 25 and 26 of the FTDI chip does the trick. Now all but one of my 6 JeeLinks show up as USB devices – yeay!

The second problem is not as critical: the +3.3V pin of all ports isn’t actually connected to anything… whoops. But this too is relatively easy to fix – a small wire from the VR output to the +3V pin on port 2 will fix it.

Thanks to Paul Badger of Modern Device and Marius Kintel for helping out and coming up with suggestions. I’m regaining my sanity now…


In the coming week, I’ll send out new JeeLinks to everyone who pre-ordered these units. I’ve run out of SMD LEDs, so I have to replenish my (limited) supplies before assembling and testing more boards.

But rest assured, they work and pass all tests. There are several JeeLinks on my desk right now, each of them running as intended.

To celebrate this milestone, all JeeLinks will be shipped with ATmega328’s instead of 168’s – including all the pre-ordered units.

Update – the above two issues and their fixes have been documented here.