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Sensor data coming in

In Software on Aug 25, 2009 at 00:01

There are now a few sensors installed around the house. The only inconvenience is having to run a low-voltage power line to these units. I’ve reduced the number of wall plugs (and the number of wall outlets “consumed” by them) by putting two sensors on a single power supply and placing them close to each other where possible, i.e. on two sides of a wall, overlooking adjacent rooms.

Also added a new graph page to the JeeMon web server to view all readings added to the database:

Picture 4.png

To give you an idea of what’s involved in producing this graph, here’s the “try-rooms.html” definition file for it:

Picture 3.png

It’s written in the Tcl language, using my own “rig” template mechanism to generate HTML pages. The actual graph is drawn in JavaScript by the “Flot” package.