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JeeNode pinout

In Hardware on Sep 16, 2009 at 00:01

I don’t think I published this pinout overview before:

jeenode pinout.png

Also available as PDF – use your printer’s print-4–pages-per-sheet setting to print a smaller version as reference.

  1. J.C. This diagram was very much awaited :) I had to draw it several times in my notebook. And funny thing is that I had plans to make an electronic version this evening… What a time saver!

  2. Thank you for this jc , I searched for this on your site.

  3. Hey j.c. as i get now my jeenode’s i found out that there a no holes for mounting the pcb at the ground of a case. ( for example to hole’s for m4 screws diagonal in the pcb ) a little beauty were to make the pcb as long as the rfm12b is, so that the rfm12b is completely covered by the pcb. ( only elegancy ) i messure the pcb and it is exactly 80 mm long. is this because of the eagle restrictions ? kind regards Thomas

  4. The way I mount JeeNodes is as a module, i.e. like a “chip” – a board with all the other parts on it, and 4x 6-pin male headers pointing up, a bit like this:

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