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JeeLink v1 bug!

In Hardware on Oct 13, 2009 at 00:01

The JeeLink v1 board had two problems I knew about and which I’ve been able to work around. A few days ago a third more serious problem was brought to my attention – the C4 10 µF capacitor which was supposed to filter out ripple for the on-board MCP1703 regulator turns out not to be connected to ground. Whoops!

The GND pin on the PWR/I2C connector is also not properly connected due to this same problem, but this is probably of slightly less importance.

Here are the two affected connections on the JeeLink v1:

jl1 build.FlySketchExport.png

The solution is to connect either of these to another ground pin on the board. But since this problem was only just found, all JeeLinks sent out before October 9th will have this problem still in them.

I’ve documented all known problems on the JL1 Build page, along with suggestions on how to fix them – so if you have a JeeLink and it’s not working as expected, please check out that page.

After this bad news, and at the risk of having everybody who planned to get a JeeLink hold off and wait – there is also some good news to report: a successor for the current JeeLink v1 is currently “in the works”. So all the teething troubles of the JeeLink v1 will one day be over – unless I mess up again, of course :)