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Meet the JeeNode USB

In Hardware on Nov 7, 2009 at 00:01

Here is a brand new JeeNode USB v2, this is the successor of the JeeLink v1:


This is the first (hand-soldered) unit, I had to stack a resonator on its side to fit it in – properly-sized resonators should be coming in soon. The final version will have the usual bright yellow antenna wire – I merely used black to remind me that this is a prototype. You don’t want to know how many different versions of various units are scattered all over the Jee Labs…

The JeeNode USB is a JeeNode with built-in FTDI interface and mini-USB jack. It uses surface mounted parts and has exactly the same size as the basic JeeNode. All the headers and connectors are in the same place, so this thing is plug-compatible – apart from the 6-pin FTDI connector vs. the mini-USB jack, of course.

The JeeNode vs. JeeLink naming confusion is a bit unfortunate, but I’m hoping to resolve it now – before the confusion gets even worse. There is no “v1” of the JeeNode USB, btw.

The JeeNode is the unit with ports and headers. There is the basic JeeNode v4 with through-hole parts, and now there is also a JeeNode USB v2, with SMT parts.

The JeeLink v2 is the unit in the shape of a USB stick, using SMT parts. It has no headers, but it has extra flash memory on board. And it comes in a Cool Clear Case.

Both JeeNodes as well as the JeeLink have an RFM12B wireless radio module.

Ok, everything is starting to come together now.