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In Hardware on Nov 18, 2009 at 00:01

First step to CNC was the mechanical assembly of the V90. Little to report here – it took an hour or two. Adjustment and tweaking will probably take a bit longer, once things start to move.

The next step was a bit more work – here’s the power supply + electronics stuff, mounted on some scrap wood. It was made flat enough to mount inside the V90, underneath the work area and X-axis (Y-axis?) slide:


At the top what this is all about: connections for three stepper motors and a strip to hook up limit switches and the emergency stop button.

The power brick in the bottom right supplies 5V to the parallel-port side of the RF-isolated breakout board and the opto-isolated relay board. That means the 24V @ 6.5A supply can’t ever reach the computer. It also avoids 1A current through the linear voltage regulator to supply the relays (i.e. 20W of heat, just to go from 24V to 5V).

End stop switches, heat sink, and relay board have not yet been added / connected. Plus some power cable fasteners at the bottom, so they can’t be yanked loose.

All the high voltage is in one area at the bottom, to be covered by a shield. But even without the shield: all the exposed metal is recessed so it can’t be touched without sticking some sharp object in there – 220V scares me!

  1. Wood box? From your previous picture I saw a nice metallic case…

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