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FTDI Reset Supressor

In AVR, Hardware on Dec 5, 2009 at 00:01

Sometimes the simplest things are so obvious that it’s easy to miss them…

I occasionally do not want to reset a JeeNode when accessing it via USB. The reset is great for uploading, because the ATmega’s bootloader runs right after reset and intercepts such upload requests in a very convenient way. But sometimes, you just want to leave the ATmega running when re-connecting to it.

Meet the “FTDI Reset Suppressor”:


All it does is break the reset connection between an FTDI interface such as the USB-BUB and the JeeNode.

Just to make this post a little longer, here are the steps to make one:


And here is an action shot:


Tada! And it’s totally voltage, baud-rate, and platform independent… :)

Update –┬áit just occurred to me that this already exists, it’s a 5-pin stacking header! Or a 6-pin one, as follows:


  1. You should sell this part on DigiKey for $30. :p The “JeeNode 6-1 Pin” part.

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